Pushing Beyond The 737 MAX

  • Continuous 737 Improvements
  • Negligible Winglet Weight
  • No Center Wing Box Changes Like A320neo
  • 737MAX Price Strengthening / Lessor Valuation Rise
  • Aviation Partners Sidelined

In developing the new Advanced Technology winglet for the 737MAX family, Boeing’s traditional winglet partner, Aviation Partners will miss out on arguably one of the biggest narrowbody sales bonanza’s going forward.

Airlines, however, will get a great deal of benefit – with the 737MAX promising to deliver between 10-12% lower fuel burn through the addition of the lightweight CFM International LEAP-1B engine, these new winglets will not force Boeing to endure further and deeper design changes that Airbus is encountering on the A320neo – specifically changes to the wing, root and center wing box. Continue reading “Pushing Beyond The 737 MAX”