(787) Dash Ten

  • Double-Stretched 787 Gathers Momentum
  • Emirates Undecided Over 787-10X Purchase, Favours 777X
  • Boeing Charleston In With A Shout For Assembly

Boeing has probably spent more time this year talking about the planned 777X family than it has done in respect of the 787-10X. But in the background, it’s the stretched 787 that is closer to both definition and launch.

Jim Albaugh has opined about launching the 787-10X first followed later by the 777X family – it’s likely the 787-10X could get ATO around the time the first major components of the 787-9 start arriving in Everett, WA ahead of final assembly later this fall. The 787-10X is poised to be roughly a 6m stretch (est) over the 787-9, taking length beyond that of the 777-200/777-200ER/777-200LR models at some 69m (est) with tri-class seating for around 323 passengers, or a 10% increase over the 787-9.

What is less clear is where Emirates sits on this airplane having pressed Boeing to launch it. Emirates’ eye favours the 777X for a number of reasons.

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