Airbus A350 Pain Is Boeing 777s Gain

  • 1,000-Up For 777-300ER?
  • Pressure Mounts On A350-1000 As Delays Bite
  • GE “On Track” To Power 777X

With 616* firm orders to date, the 777-300ER has replicated the unique trade space dominance that we all saw with the 747-400 in the early 1990s. The key difference is that where the 747-400 was always in Airbus’ line of sight, the European response to the 777-300ER drifts farther out as a direct result of delays to the A350-900.

Airbus’ delays to the A350-900, now totalling a minimum of 15 months is not what airlines like Emirates or Qatar Airways want to see. There are major underlying issues that will lead to further delays and by extension, leave the path clear for the 777-300ER to top the 1,000-order mark.

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