777X Starts Assault On Ailing A350-1000

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Lufthansa’s stunning rejection of the A350-1000 in favour of the 777-9X is no less eye-catching than was IAG’s selection of that same jet just few months ago – with the exception that IAG still wants and will order the 777X family. Lufthansa may have the option to change the A350 orders, but the lack of an order at the outset for the A350-1000 wounds the program in a big way.

Airbus now faces a major dilemma in either sticking with its plans for the A350-1000, knowing full well that EIS in 2017 isn’t going to happen, or that it pulls the jet and makes some radical changes that will make it a better 777X competitor. For airlines, neither option is palatable.

Image Courtesy Of Lufthansa

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