737: Valued Added MAX

  • 737NG Still Pulling In Orders
  • Stronger 737 Values Seen If, As Expected, A320neo Slides
  • It’s Not All About Discounting
  • SilkAir Reservations On A320neo Timing Trigger

Surpassing 10,000 orders for the 737 family was not just a remarkable feat, courtesy of the historic order from United Airlines. With it, the 737 family arguably strengthened its value proposition, even in the face of much-opined industry talk of discount-wars between Airbus and Boeing.

Discounting airplanes is not a new phenomenon. What is new, and perhaps overlooked, is the financial strengthening of the current 737 Next Generation family, despite the 737MAX and A320neo being the new kids on the block. And here’s how that’s happening.

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