Case Closed? Boeing On NMA/797

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg didn’t mince his words during the last earnings call – if NMA/797 isn’t launched next year “then we’ll continue down the path with our current product lines.”

Given the sales success of the A321neo, Boeing has clawed back market share with the 737 MAX 10, but the void beneath the 787-8 in the 220-280 seat segment means that there is more, not less likelihood of NMA launching – possibly within six months – especially when you consider just how much time Boeing has invested in NMA/797 to date.

Boeing wants to leap over the A321neo family – it has customers that want and do not want  cargo to feature prominently for NMAs capability. It’s an awkward dilemma, but not insurmountable as we’ve seen with the launches of the 787 and 777X.

The 2025 EIS date may be a challenge, but getting the NMA right is far more important – primarily because Airbus would not be in a position to launch an all-new rival without damaging its backlog.

Image Courtesy Of Boeing

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