Big Boeing Win With Embraer Deal

A little over six years ago, Boeing and Embraer paved the way for co-operation that led to an alliance announced just last week. If anything, the reactive Airbus-Bombardier deal was born out of this fear of being left behind.

While Airbus takes a 50.01% stake in CSALP, Boeing’s commanding 80% share of its new entity with Embraer, with future collaborative military program work which Airbus derives none from its Canadian partner, the US airframer has landed a far better deal.

Boeing-Embraer’s three existing and broader value airplanes in E195-E2, E190-E2 and E175-E2 alongside the bigger 737MAX shows far better alignment in contrast to the two-family CSeries and A320neo – the latter of which will lose sales as Airbus promotes the former. And the overlap between CSeries-A320neo risks isolating new customers where as an OEM, Airbus is pitching two very different but competing airplanes.

Boeing-Embraer will be able to avoid such conflict and make dual selling easier.

While CSeries will continue is abject market irrelevance, the bigger losers are COMAC’s C919, Irkut’s MC-21 and Mitsubishi’s MRJ family.

Image Courtesy of Boeing / Embraer

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