787 Dominance Exposes A330 Weakness

Airbus’ newly installed sales chief, Eric Schulz, has his work cut out.

Having been handed an abysmal A330neo program teetering on financial ruin and one model with no orders, Schulz knows that the 787 successes are not suddenly going to stop.

How does he combat that scenario with “me-too” products like the A330neo and also face up to the reality that at the other end of the widebody arena, that the A380 is dead and the A350-1000 is performance-choked against the superior 777X family.

Airbus’ last sales chief,  John Leahy, has left his successor with a weak widebody portfolio.

Boeing is lining up some key widebody orders for the 2018 Farnborough Air Show too. Schulz is in for a very rough ride.

Leahy claimed the A330neo price advantage would erode demand for the 787. How very wrong he was. And it is Schulz who is paying the price for that error now.

Image Courtesy of Boeing

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