787 Dominates Widebody Sales So Far In 2018

We’ve talked already about Boeing’s strong widebody start to 2018, with up to 122 orders for the 787 family alone. But there’s much more at play than what we see. Ramping up 787 production to 14 airplanes a month means not only will Boeing be scoring more [787] orders, but it also means Airbus’ new sales chief will face further bad news.

Financiers and leasing giants are not keen on the one trick pony A330neo family either. As an oddball aberration, it simply is no economic or performance match for the superior 787-9. The additional 787-8 orders from American Airlines aren’t really a surprise either. Over 350 787-8s are in service today alongside [roughly] 306 787-9s. The installed base is vast.

The market has spoken and is still speaking. And it is not in favour of the A330neo. The intensely dubious placement of the A350 family struggling to straddle and compete against the 787-9, 787-10 and larger 777-8 and 777-9 exposes the fragility and tradespace weakness of Airbus’ twinjet.

Boeing is exploiting this to the fullest now that it has decimated the nonsensical myth that favourable pricing for the A330neo would stifle 787 orders. It hasn’t. In fact, the opposite is now true.

Image Courtesy of Boeing

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