Strong Widebody Start For Boeing

Boeing has a number of key deals yet to be finalised and added to its backlog, however, it has definitely started the year far more strongly than its European rival.

Thus far, the 787 family has scored the wins. The A330-800neo cancellation and subsequent order for ten 787-9s from Hawaiian Airlines, alongside a contract for twenty-five 787-9s from Turkish Airlines are the two standout deals.

There is still the Emirates deal for forty 787-10 airplanes to be firmed up, announced at last years Dubai Air Show. Thats 56% of Boeing’s 2017 widebody total amassed in less than a quarter of this year.

Boeing’s widebody dominance over Airbus continues to expand.

March 13, 2018 – Updated. Boeing adds further 21 widebodies to backlog.

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