Emirates Explores NMA/797

  • NMA Fits Between Emirates 787-9 & flydubai’s 737 MAX 10 Fleets
  • Deeper Integration With flydubai At Terminal Three
  • A321neoLR Not Seen As Solution

flydubai’s procurement of up to 225 new Boeing 737 MAXs paves the way for Emirates to avoid directly operating current generation single aisles and instead look at NMA/797 to fill the gap between the two partner airlines fleets.

Like many airlines questioning the A321neoLR, Emirates is not at all convinced the model has the capability to beat the economics of NMA/797.

In particular, trade publication Flight Global noted the A321neoLR’s biggest fundamental problem – trading passengers/payload for range. This is a point we’ve discussed before.

To boost range, the A321neoLR relies on more fuel tanks in comparison to the 737 MAX 10.

This also highlights the A321neoLR’s stark disadvantages versus NMA/797 too. NMA/797 will almost certainly force Airbus to develop an all-new “me-too” solution, just as it did with the A350 in response to the runaway sales success of the 787.

Image Courtesy of Emirates

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