Airbus Concedes Large Twin Airplane Segment To Boeing’s 777-9

Boeing’s VP of Marketing, Randy Tinseth has spoken many times – and for many years about Airbus’ inability to counter the 777-777X-787 families with just a two airplane offering in the A350-900 and A350-1000.

And the sales figures do not lie – especially in the case of the A350-1000.

Airbus’ handover of the first A350-1000 to Qatar Airways last week brought the admission by outgoing Chief Operating Officer, Fabrice Bregier, that the focus would be on sales of the A350-1000, not a bigger model to plug the void beneath the A380 – Airbus’ widebody product line-up stares down the barrel of stagnation.

Airbus’ position on the 777-9 being “too big” makes little sense while it struggles to sell the even bigger and outdated one-trick pony A380-800.

By not going head-to-head with the 777-9, this is Airbus’ open admission that its strategy to counter 777-8, 777-9 and three 787 variants has failed – and it is down to the limitations of the two-airplane A350 family while relying on an also-ran failure in the A330neo.

Aside from the never-ending A320neo/GTF debacle, the A350-1000 is primed for an A340-style fate.

Image Courtesy Of Boeing

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