737 MAX 9 – A Silent Low Cost Winner?

In attaining FAA certification, the almost-silent way in which the 737 MAX 9 conducted its flight test efforts points to intense maturity across the MAX program.

Airlines like flydubai, who have up to 225 Boeing 737 MAXs on order are prime targets for niche airplanes like the 737 MAX 9.

Like the 737 MAX 7, no one expects the 737 MAX 9 to emulate the sales success seen by the competing A321neo, despite the fact that even with an additional auxiliary fuel tank, the A321neo still has less range than the 737 MAX 9. Aggresive pricing, not performance, has been the key driver for the A321neo sales edge.

However, the 737 MAX 9 allows for added range and growth to serve markets with lower cost than the competing A321neo. Thats why flydubai, for instance, opted to stick with the MAX.

The 737 MAX 9 allows them to fly deeper into Europe while maintaining its dual-class hybrid product offering to maximise yield growth – all while operating with the best, most efficient and most reliable engine and a lighter, less maintenance-intensive airframe than its European rival .

In turn, the commonality ensures residual values and lease rates remain stronger than the A321neo for airlines operating the 737 MAX family.

Image Courtesy of Boeing

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