Dubai Disgrace For Airbus As Boeing Dominates Emirates & FlyDubai

Watching Airbus communications personnel and other executives disappear out of the rear of press room while those from Emirates and Boeing walked in from the front was mildly bewildering for those that did not know that the long-since predicted 787 order was about to be announced.

The somewhat badly “covered” Emirates 787-10 model didn’t help either. Although at that point, I felt politely smug to have proven quite a few critics wrong about this deal.

Not only had Airbus staff been left agog at the realisation that there was not going to be an A380 order, the sound of many jaws dropping to the floor as several Airbus staff remained to see Emirates Chairman & CEO His Highness Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum with Kevin McAllister announce the 787 deal meant that they didn’t hang around for very much longer.

John Leahy’s final air show attempt to sell A380s ended in spectacular disaster and it will linger over his legacy long after he retires.

In sealing the 787 deal with Emirates and a huge deal with sister airline flydubai for 737 MAXs, Boeing has arguably locked out Airbus at the airline for a rather long time.

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