CSeries Program Worthless To Boeing

  • Boeing Right To Snub “Worthless” CSeries
  • Bombardier Desperately Sought Any Buyer Before Airbus Stepped In
  • CSeries Obsolete In Face Of A320neo / 737MAX Market Dominance
  • Airbus Will Struggle To Integrate CSeries To Portfolio

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg may not have spelt it out in words during last weeks third quarter earnings call, but it was evident that the company was not prepared to take on a poor selling program whose longevity remains in question.

Airbus is unlikely to invest in a bigger CSeries for fear of cannabilising A320neo sales, leaving the [CSeries] residual values depressed and financing houses wondering whether this union actually has any benefits – especially now that the cheers for this deal have cooled.

Moody’s decision to downgrade Bombardier is ample evidence that future of the Canadian jet maker has actually gotten worse, not better, in lieu of this proposed deal with Airbus.

Canadian taxpayers have been well and truly shafted given the sums ploughed into Bombardier with zero returns.

Little wonder then, that Boeing saw even less value than that in the market-derided and widely rejected CSeries given the inherent market strength of its own 737 family – a family which dominates investor and financiers preferences as the narrowbody jet of choice.

Image Courtesy of WestJet

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