Boeing Complaint Against Bombardier Upheld

The US ITC ruling in Boeing’s favour was never really in doubt. But the proposed 220% tariff most certainly was.

The final ruling in February 2018 is not expected to materially differ from the preliminary findings. Bombardier is on the rack. So is the abject selling CSeries.

Since its initial launch in 2004 (although some revisionists wax-lyrical over the 2008 “re-launch” date), the jet has been a colossal sales failure – validating CFM International’s original and correct decision not to provide a propulsion unit for this disastrous project – which today is now nothing more than a state-jobs-creating-proxy-entity that props up the company.

Sporting a backlog largely comprised of junk credit-rated airlines with iffy business plans, the CSeries is not exactly a solution to many airlines’ needs today – hence why it has been a very poor seller.

Delta Airlines will likely find alternatives for its airplane needs, if, as widely expected, it nixes the deal based on the high charges recommended by the ITC.

Bombardier however, cannot escape this situation. No one is queuing up for the CSeries as it is anyway. The A320neo and 737MAX families have dominated the single aisle arena, leaving Bombardier out in the cold. Airlines now will be even more likely to avoid the CSeries.

Bombardier’s commercial failure and state-backed life support may have just killed the CSeries for good – and not before time. Which is highly ironic since it was the jet that Bombardier thought could turn their fortunes around. But it hasn’t. It has made things worse for them.

The CSeries, like Bombardier is on borrowed time and it wont be long before one or both of them goes the way of the dodo.

Image Courtesy Of Bombardier / via Google.

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