Upping The Ante: 787 Rate Hike

  • 14 Per Month Industry Record For Widebody Jet
  • Orders In Pipeline To Bolster Backlog
  • 787-10 Sports Further Fuel Burn Reduction

Boeing’s decision to increase 787 production from 2019 stems directly from deals that have recently come to light, as well as those that will be finalised.

New incremental orders for the 787-8 also highlight that model’s unique positioning while Airbus faces the prospect of terminating its A330-800neo, which has a backlog of just six, near pointless airplanes destined for Hawaiian Airlines.

Boeing’s confidence to increase 787 production also comes from the strength of the global installed fleet – airlines aren’t buying into the ever-delayed, so-called “cheaper alternative”, weak margined A330neo family. The 787 family performance and environmental attributes deliver real world double-digit benefits, saving millions for airlines in contrast to a pseudo-lower sticker price that Airbus espouses.

Over 60% of the A330-900neo backlog is resting with junk credit rated airlines. Airbus’ dithering between trying to sell A350s and A330neo’s to the same customer base has left their widebody strategy looking rather odd.

Meantime, Boeing is been piling on the backlog for its 787 family with greater success.

Image Courtesy Of Boeing

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