777 & 777X Choking A350-1000

Recent angst on the Rolls-Royce Trent XWB-97 engine on the A350-1000 underscores just one of many technical and performance shortfalls the airplane has versus the more capable and bigger 777-9.

The 777-777X bridge looks healthier thanks to recent orders. Airbus will be concerned about the shrinkage of the A350-1000 order book – not only does it mean that swapping orders to the smaller A350-900 results in weaker pricing and even lower margins, it highlights the void when tackling the 777-9.

777-9 has already caused some operators to think twice about placing continued orders for the ageing and gas guzzling A380.

Boeing has more flexibility in this low fuel price environment to snare piecemeal 777-300ER orders without too much concern on margins – particularly since the installed fleet worldwide means better and easier integration and negates the need to wait for Airbus to sort out its production snafus on the A350 line.

Airbus took 17 years to respond to the 777-300ER with the A350-1000. The market has changed and the A350-1000 looks isolated and bereft. Little wonder then, that lessors and financial institutions have zero appetite for it.

Image Courtesy Of Aeroflot

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