A330neo In As Much Disarray As Failing A380

Airbus’ widebody strategy has been wide of the mark when it comes to the in-house produced Global Market Forecast.

Not only is Airbus on the rack over the failed A380 business case [not that there ever was one while being illegally taxpayer-funded], the A330neo is nothing more than a one-airplane, one trick pony that has a double-digit-deficit of any metric versus the 787-9 and 787-10.

In failing to secure a single firm new order at the recent Paris Air Show, the A330neo is officially an orphan. Rolls-Royce will struggle to make any money on this loss-leading program with the equally struggling Trent 7000 engine.

The rapid rise of 787 deliveries further pushes the A330neo to the fringes.

The A330-800neo is dead – having gone three years without a single order and the A330-900neo sports a backlog comprised of weak credit rated customers that account for 60% of the current orders. This poses a serious risk as to whether these will ever be delivered in full – thereby threatening Airbus’ planned production rate for the type.

Deferrals of, and cancellations of the A330-900neo are not far off the horizon.

And with the A330 production rate in jeopardy, Airbus has a far bigger transitional headache with the ageing A330 than Boeing does with the move between 777 to 777X.

Image Courtesy of Boeing

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