CSeries Fails. Again.

Bombardier has yet again attended another air show where it failed to muster a single order for its market-derided CSeries family.

Pratt & Whitney must surely be wondering why this continues to be the case and they should rightly be calling out executives at Bombardier as to why they embrace this comatose stance.

And if they aren’t asking these questions, they bloody well should be.

But with Boeing’s ITC complaint in full swing – and the stark likelihood that Bombardier will be hit, and hit hard, the undisputed fact is that the CSeries has been widely rejected the world over and it cannot be saved.

The strength of the A320neo family, coupled with Boeing’s storming success with the 737 MAX family at the air show this week underscores just why, even with state backed funding to prop it up, Bombardier [and its flop-star CSeries] is a business failure that should not be bankrolled to allow continuity.

With any luck, the Boeing complaint and envisaged penalties will start the ball rolling to Bombardiers well overdue collapse and closure.

Image Courtesy of Boeing

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