737 MAX 10 Launch

Boeing may well lose some of the 737 MAX 9 backlog at the expense of launching the 737 MAX 10, but then its always better to kill your own product yourself than have the competition do it for you.

Seven months after being certified, the GTF-powered A321neo still has not yet entered service. Launch customer for the type was Qatar Airways – a carrier facing angst of its own. The airline seems to be in no rush to want to take them either, calling into question whether it ever will, or if it will dump the questionable GTF choice and select CFM International’s LEAP-1A instead.

The 737-10 however, gives Boeing a chance to throw the cat amongst the pigeons.

Airbus has been unceremoniously tainted with the dithering GTF engine on its much-hyped A321neo.

Every 737-10 sold represents a further missed opportunity to Airbus – and with the A320neo family sporting lower asset values and lease rates versus the 737 MAX family, Airbus’ healthy A321neo backlog doesn’t look that appealing after all.

Image Courtesy of Boeing

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