A380 Death Evident In Airbus Sales Desperation

The A380 was a project born of hubris and arrogance; fear of humiliation sustains it. Airbus only knows how to pour good money after bad in trying to keep the program alive.

This is why plans to do silly things like relocating stair cases, deactivating doors and other changes in the pursuit of adding seats means that Airbus has gotten desperate to keep the airplane relevant.

Adding more seats does not translate into more sales.

Airbus’ Global Market Forecast is widely derided for the bizarre numbers it ascribes to the large airplane market. The A380 is not even close to what Airbus claims in its forecast numbers – and its been around on the market for almost two decades already –  a failure by any metric.

The A380neo is dead.

Singapore Airlines will jettison some of its early build machines and other A380 operators are now also sizing up 777X for their future requirements.

Of the paltry 103 remaining orders,  47 units will never be delivered. Spurious pseudo-orders from Amedeo, Qantas  and others means that the real backlog is 50% smaller.

The A380 is facing termination – from abject sales and from the mortal wounds that 777X is delivering.

Airbus’ consideration to slash production to below one a month ensures this mutli-billion-dollar financial disaster is one that will never be profitable.

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