Middle East Mess: Qatar Airways A350 Orders At Risk

  • Airbus Orders At Far More Risk Than Boeing
  • Intra-GCC Spat Effect On Qatar Airways
  • A350 Deferrals / Cancellations
  • Still NO A320neo / A321neo Deliveries Either
  • 777X Impact Negligible At Present Juncture

Qatar Airways is hurting.

Emirates, Etihad and flydubai – despite not being able to service Doha, will find an added boost to their network(s) by way of traffic that is now totally avoiding Qatar.

As the launch customer for the A320neo and A321neo, Qatar Airways still hasn’t taken a single delivery of either model.

Airbus’ open exposure here to Qatar Airways is evident. The longer this spat goes on, as seems likely, the more chances are that Airbus will end up with a very bloodied nose.

And let’s face it – Airbus is thus far, doing a pretty poor job of trying to get the A350 up to rate while battling quality faux-pas too.

If Qatar Airways starts to regress, so too will the A350 program.

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