737 MAX 10 Edge Over A321neo

  • LEAP-1B Advantage Over GTF Powered A321neo
  • LEAP-1B Better Scope For Fuel Burn Reductions Without Geared Complexity
  • Range Less Of An Issue Above 220 Seats

Boeing is primed to launch the 737 MAX 10X at next month’s biennial Paris Air Show.

It is almost six months since the A321neo was certified with the Pratt & Whitney GTF engine and still has not entered service. This is an unprecedented delay and even more remarkable is that the media either chooses not to discuss it or hasn’t woken up to this fact.

Qatar Airways might be able to [publicly] shed light on why it hasn’t taken delivery either – especially since it was/is/remains the launch defacto launch customer for the type.

Boeing has been slow to react to the sales success of the A321neo, built in large part around iffy junk credit rated customers. Approximately 40% of the A321neo backlog harbours these junk/weak credit rated airlines. Hardly the beacon of order stability.

The 737 MAX 10 could provide a sales filip for Boeing – particularly as many single aisle jets rarely pushed to range extremes – negating the oft-touted basis for John Leahy to market the A321neo as some kind of 757 replacement.

It isn’t – and Boeing rightfully doesn’t position the 737 MAX 10X as one either.

CFM International’s LEAP-1B will give existing 737 customers added incentive not to flip over to the A321neo family – and in particular run the risk of the litany of engine woes seen on the GTF propulsion unit.

737 MAX 10 sales might hamper that of the MAX 9, but in doing so, it will avert the prospect of losing customers to the A321neo.

And with the LEAP-1B engine right on target for fuel burn and performance, CFM and GE have a superior platform than Pratt & Whitney to provide even better set of dynamics for the overall package that the 737 MAX 10 will need to become a viable alternative to the much-hyped A321neo.

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