Boeing Takes Aim At Bombardier

  • Boeing Right To Gun For Loss-Making CSeries
  • Whining Bombardier Would Fail Without Govt Finances
  • New CSeries Orders Derailed – Not That Many Are Lining Up For It

It was Airbus that had originally vented its ire at the failed CSeries, yet it is Boeing who is now taking the airplane and Bombardier to the sword.

Airbus may yet join in and throw more fuel to the fire. And rightly so.

Notwithstanding the litany of engine problems on the GTF, both on A320neo and CSeries, Boeing’s complaint has much in the way of merit to it.

The trade space Bombardier is aiming for with the CSeries has all but evaporated and the weak, junk credit rated airlines it has on its pseudo “order” book validates its weakness. Many will never be delivered.

But with Boeing’s CEO now having a closer relationship with the new Trump Administration, the company has already done enough to choke any future CSeries sales. And let’s be honest – there’s hardly a queue a round the block for this abject airplane anyway.

Bombardier chose to enter this market knowing that the risks were great. It shouldn’t play big boy games if it then whines like a baby. The undisputed fact is that Bombardier is alive thanks to direct generous taxpayer handouts from the Canadian Government. Only Airbus has unashamedly claimed and gotten more direct state aid for failed products like the A340, A330neo and A380.

If Boeing pursues this aggressively (which we hope it does), we’ll thankfully see the end of the CSeries – a jet, which like the failed A380, is an answer to a question that noboday asked.

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