A321neo Service Entry Delays

It has been four months since the A321neo, powered with the dithering GTF was certified and has yet to enter service.

Qatar Airways is the launch customer. But having refused to take delivery of the first A320neo last year and silence on the A321neo, it is likely that concerns about the GTF engine remain large for the airline, as well as for Airbus and Pratt & Whitney too.

There’s a good chance that the LEAP-1A powered A321neo will enter service first, casting further doubt as to whether Pratt & Whitney can hold onto its customer backlog. It is largely down to CFM International being so heavily sold out on LEAP that customer defections have not yet happened.

LEAP sports a higher reliability, redundancy and robustness suite versus GTF and its little wonder why CFM is charging and getting higher premiums for their roaring sales success engine family.

Just as Pratt & Whitney blundered over the PW6000 engine, the GTF family is proving to be a huge headache and an unending embarassment. Airbus too, by association is a big culprit, having erroneously believed that the GTF could meet and exceed expectations.

Image Courtesy Of CFM International

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