777X For Qantas?

  • SYD-LHR Non-Stop Has Been Qantas’ Lifelong Ambition
  • A350-900ULR Lacks Passenger Capacity, Payload & Range
  • 777-8 Range Short By Some 500nm But Offers Better Payload/Capacity Versus A350-900ULR

With Singapore Airlines’ recent selection of the 777X family, operators will have been acutely aware that sitting on the sidelines for too long thinking about replacing the gas guzzling and ageing A380 will not be an option for long.

777X has a healthy backlog given its record-breaking launch back in late 2013.

Qantas is being prodded by Emirates to look hard at 777-8 as the vehicle for its oft-sought after mission of Sydney to London. On the back of Qantas’ decision to launch direct flights to London from Perth, 777-8 offers a better option than the payload and capacity restricted A350-900ULR.

Having been one of the 1990s “Working Together” group not to order the 777 and sit out the 777-200LR and 777-300ER, will the third generation [of 777] in 777X finally find a way into Qantas’ fleet to replace the A380s?

Image Courtesy of Qantas

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