Contrary to some of the inane lies and nonsense espoused by various uneducated, uninformed bloggers (we’re looking at you Ass-pire “Aviation”) over the LEAP-1B engine, CFM International’s flawless flight test program with Boeing on the 737 MAX 8 underscores just why the engine is perfect.

It has met and exceeded fuel burn goals, it has churned through the milestones of arduous testing and climatic changes. The decision to employ revolutionary CMC parts, 3D-RTM woven fan blades, casing and additive manufactured components highlights why CFM’s engine ranks far superior and with more longevity scope than does Pratt & Whitney’s GTF family.

With over 40 engine removals to date across the A320neo fleet, Pratt’s decision to stick with GTF technology means that it, like Rolls-Royce, are vying for the “me-too”, also-ran status in the engine stakes – a distant second place behind GE Aviation / CFM International.

By virtue, Airbus’ credibility is in tatters for forging a path with the GTF on its most popular product. There is no escaping the fact that the GTF-powered A320neo is tainted and charred.

Almost three months after certification, the GTF-powered A321neo still hasn’t been delivered either to launch customer Qatar Airways.

Something is seriously amiss with the GTF family. And as we rightfully predicted right from the outset, not for the first time either.

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