777X Driving Early A380 Demise…And Airbus Cannot Stop It

Last week’s big deal for 777-9s at Singapore Airlines will almost certainly force players in Asia using the A380 to look again at whether the big Airbus quadjet is worth keeping. For all intents and purposes, the A380 program is dead anyway.

With the A350-1000 being severely crippled both in terms of payload/range as well as engine growth capability versus the 777-9, Airbus cannot realistically launch a stretched variant, even if it wanted to because there simply isn’t a propulsion unit available for it. Singapore Airlines’ snub of this paper airplane couldn’t be more clear.

The A380 is dead, even if Airbus won’t admit to it. It is the second major European aerospace disaster of epic proportions after Concorde – only this time, the financial implications are far larger.

Orders are not coming in and the ones in the backlog, save for Emirates, are dead – especially from pseudo-players like Amedeo. Even United Airlines is poised to terminate its orders for the A350-1000, denting that struggling jet’s appeal even further.

Airbus, the A380 and A350-1000 are all in big trouble in the widebody segment. And not for the first time either.

Image Courtesy Of Boeing

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