Airbus Ready To Kill A330-800neo After Ditching A380neo?

  • A330-800neo Has Just 6 Firm Orders
  • 787 Dominance Exposes A330neo Weakness
  • 787-10 Stands Uncontested

Having cancelled the A380neo, attention now turns to the A330-800neo which languishes with just six firm orders following the collapse of TransAsia Airways.

With almost 500 deliveries of the 787-8 and 787-9 families, the market reality that the A330neo cannot compete is unfolding. Airlines are rejecting the A330 and keen to update fleets with 787s and A350s instead.

The A350-800 has been killed off and its not inconceivable that Airbus could take the axe to the A330-800neo as well. It does however beg big questions over Rolls-Royce’s strategy to power such niche-market airplanes given the financial dire straits the company is in today.