Here’s Why Emirates Canned Entire A350 Order

There is no escaping the reality that Emirates’ decision to ditch its entire Airbus A350XWB order is nothing short of a financial disaster for the program.

And with it, there are a swirl of question marks about the A350-1000s fate too.


7 Replies to “Here’s Why Emirates Canned Entire A350 Order”

  1. Who will be next? Perhaps UA with their order of 35 A350-1000s ?? Just a year ago they converted their order of 25 -900s to combine with an order for 10 of the -1000, praising its ability to efficiently serve their long range markets. There must certainly be some buyer remorse by now which would be mitigated with a switch to the 777x. Farnborough orders this year should be fascinating indeed.

  2. Quite frankly, the A350 program has been an absolute joke of note.

    The original A350 is being revived in the form of the A330neo at the expense of the A350-800.

    The A350-1000 is now completely in unwanted territory. The -1000 never had the uplift capability of the 777-300ER and it now finds itself outclassed by both new 777X variants. There is no technical way Airbus can enhance the A350-1000 further without redesigning it completely, and this leaves much anxiety within both Airbus and its customers/potential customers.

    The problem is, even though the A350-900 will eventually recover some performance shortfalls, it’s essentially turning into a one trick pony, leaving Airbus’ widebody strategy in tatters.

    And, everyone is talking about A330neo and A380neo…has anyone stopped to think what engine upgrades could and will be installed on 787 and other Boeing products in the near future?

  3. I wouldn’t put it past JAL to “review their fleet requirements” and “defer” their A350-1000 orders at some point. I see where Japan, Inc, has just landed a production share of 21% on the 777X program. The Japanese government still has ways of leaning on “private” companies to bring them in line. A 777X order at JAL and a cancellation of A350-1000 can’t be ruled out; it took Emirates 7 years to $hit can their A350 order, after they skillfully used it as leverage to open new european routes & destinations. It doesn’t help the A350-1000 case that compared to the 777X its 2nd best. This deal is far from being etched in stone.

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