Boeing: 787 To Make A330 Obsolete

  • “787 Will Do To A330 What 777 Did To The A340”
  • 787-8 20% More Fuel Efficient Than A330-300
  • 787-9 To Be 23% “And Beyond” Better Than A330-300
  • All Nippon Airways & Japan Airlines “Delighted” With 787-8 Performance
  • Early 787-8 Fuel Burn “Better Than Expected

There’s no question that the biggest beneficiary of the delays to the 787 has been Airbus’ A330 family. It’s a superb airplane, popular, versatile for medium haul missions – but with a backlog of some 280 passenger units (as at March 31, 2012), its popularity will wane – especially as more 787s enter service. It is however, becoming yesterdays airplane.

Boeing Capital MD, Kostya Zolotusky stated that the 787 “will do to the A330 what the 777 did to the A340” – a fleeting reference to the now-defunct quad-jet Airbus developed in the late 1980s to widen its portfolio. Continue reading “Boeing: 787 To Make A330 Obsolete”