LEAPing Ahead

  • CFM International Displaces IAE At Jetstar
  • Significant LEAP-1A Price Premium
  • Technical Evaluation Questions PW1100G-JM Performance
  • No “Reserve” Fuel Burn Held For GTF Engine
  • United Airlines 737MAX Order Price Premium

Last month was a significant one for CFM International. Not solely because of the landmark celebrating 30 years of commercial service, but because CFM International had managed to successfully win a big order for LEAP-1A engines at low cost Australian airline Jetstar .

Why is that important?

Because it represents the displacement of the IAE V2500 engine at Jetstar, now effectively in the hands of Pratt & Whitney. The incumbent engine supplier can no longer be assured of sales success – of course, CFM will some lose campaigns too, but this is a devastating blow to Pratt & Whitney and the IAE engine operation. A variety of reasons exist for the LEAP-1As win at Jetstar, but here some of the critical elements that now add a new dimension on future Airbus A320neo engine battles between the LEAP-1A and PW1100G-JM; and they are not what you might think.

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